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Friday, August 04, 2006

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As more of a follow-up, today Jay called me and asked if I'd consider going out for dinner and creampie video with him, without fran. Of course, he knew I'd ask fran, and I did. Fran said it is my decision, that if I want to I can, and that if I want it to go further than dinner and drinks, I can do that, too. He asked that I don't stay overnight with Jay, that if I were to decide to go back to his place that when we are done with creampie video I come home. His preference, of course, would be for us to come home and let him join us. But he said that if it would make it easier for me to do it the first time alone, then he could live with
creampie video, as long as I don't clean up before I come home.
I haven't decided if I want to do that yet. I go back and forth. On the one hand, it might be easier to have sex with another man for the first time without my husband watching, but on the other hand there would be the security that he is there making sure I'm okay. And that is IF I decide I even want to do it, a decision that has not yet been made. We'll see, but it is fun thinking of the possibilities. I know that fran got creampie video when we got home, again Saturday night when we talked about it, and probably will again tonight now that I have written about it!
I've been friends with D and J for years now. Indeed, I went out with D when she was just 15, but as teenage romances tend to, it dues a natural death. They were married just a few months before me and my wife, had a their first child just before us, AND the second. So you can assume we are all VERY close. I'm best friends with J...we share a lot of interests, and I have been fucking his wife (with creampie video) for the last 20 years. My wife is not into any form of extra marital sex...she will fantasise about it but the one time I suggested it when they stayed over and we all got drunk she sobered up real quick...and almost divorced me! So I don't risk mentioning it any more. My wife took our kids away to see her relatives up north, and D and J came round for a drink and a film.

Monday, February 20, 2006

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